Below is an update on what's been happing with the chapter over the past several months, and our plans for the remainder of the summer.    

Past Events:

  • Palm Beach County Government Bee:   The Palm Beach Chapter of the FGFOA co-sponsored the Palm Beach County Government Bee held on April 6, 2017 at Santaluces High School. The government bee was started last year by the Masonic High Twelve Lake Worth Club and the Palm Beach County School Board to encourage high school students to learn more about government.  The Chapter’s support helped double the number of schools participating.  Forty-two students on nine teams from seven schools participated this year. Jeremy Baker, President Elect, was on the event planning committee.  The winner was Seminole Ridge High with Suncoast coming in 2nd and Royal Palm Beach 3rd.  To support the event there were 43 volunteers from the League of Women Voters, the Palm Beach Chapter of the FGFOA, the National Council for Jewish Women, and the Masonic High Twelve Club of Lake Worth. 
  • Annual Business Meeting:  Our annual business meeting was held on April 12, 2017.  The topic was Public Fraud & Corruption was presented in a panel discussion format. We had over 50 members in attendance.  Guest Speakers included: 
      • Shaun O’Neill, Special Agent from the Palm Beach Office of the FB
      • William Brown, Internal Auditor for the City of Riviera Beach
      • John A Carey, Palm Beach County Inspector General
      • Marci Rex, Assistant State Attorney – Public Corruption Unit
      • Mark Bannon, Executive Director of the Palm Beach County Commission On Ethics

In addition to the presentation, revised by-laws were approved as well as the following slate of candidates for the 2017/2018 year:

        • President:  Jeremy Baker - PBC Office of Financial Management and Budget
        • President Elect:  Leslie Harmon - City of Boca Raton
        • Treasurer:  Katie Roundtree - Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District
        • Secretary:  Ryan Ralph - City of Boca Raton
        • Director:  Julie Dowe - PBC Department of Community Services
        • Director:  Jeanette Haynes - City of West Palm Beach
        • Director:  Nicholas Kelly - City of Boca Raton                       

 Future Events:

    • Summer Business Meeting
      Topic:  Palm Beach County Property Appraiser Office Update
      Speaker: Dorothy Jacks, Palm Beach County Property Appraiser
      Date: Thursday, June 15, 2017 
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